Sunday, September 15, 2013

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree by the Young MOD

So i'm not just renovating and building a home here in Augusta GA. I'm also helping QPdoll build her custom Accessories business while I'm down here. 
So whenever I'm kinda stuck in terms of what I can do with the house or cash strapped.. I like to "work the land" as my bro Baruti Tucker would say. 
So this project is me making a Bracelet display rack for Artina Qpdoll Sharpton out of discarded and cut down trees and wood. It took me about 30 min to make only cause I wasn't sure how i was going to do it

So I'll spare you the gory details of how I had to rummage through a huge pile of trees and weeds that had been recently cut down between my neighbors yard and mine. Suffice to say here I am with some decent specimen cutting them to width. 

Got the length proper (kinda) 

So after making some cuts off the limbs I salvaged, I thought I detected something interesting and tried to see where it would lead me....

NO WHERE .. this looks stupid (to me at least) 

then I saw this branch and the way became clear!!

But first ... more wood... 

Log Workout / Crafting .. two fer one sorta day!!

Maybe a lil TOO big ... ya'think???

Cut the branch to length

Spade bit that's the approximate size 

Test hole in stump I didn't plan on using. (it's now being used for a different project.

Pretty snug fit!

Now to the actual base I planned to use. 


Stick in the hole.. (i'm really trying to refrain from being as raunchy as I'd like to right now... suffice to say.. the stick was thicker than the hole could handle.. and I had to .. ahem work it in) 

Now I drill a hole in the Limb

And there we have it .. the Letter T. Well yeah but also we have a really cool Accessories display. However the top Limb was too heavy and I was forced to change that to something else in order to use that base. 

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
Here is the completed project. Accessories courtesy of QPDoll Accessoires. Looks nice all staged and well lit doesn't it??

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
Another shot from another angle.. pinterest here I come!1

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
One of these are definitely Pinterest worthy. please pin and share if u dig it.

Oh yeah, if you REALLY LIKED IT..and thought, "yeah I could do this myself.. but I don't feel like it.. plus this guy is cool. I'd rather buy it from him" by all means you can do that.. just leave me a comment and I'll follow up with you. I'll charge anywhere from $20 - $50 per. (the design will vary along with price) 

Thanks for checking me out!!! 

The Young Mod

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