Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HeArt Designs by NYOIL "A-frame Sidewalk Sign" from repurposed picture frame.

AS i've mentioned before I've been doing a few project for Artina Qpdoll Sharpton and QPDoll Accessoires for her outside display during this upcoming Arts in the Heart event this Friday
This particular project I really love because it's something I wanted to do for a while.
I noticed these "A-frame" sidewalk signs are pretty common here in Augusta so I came up with a way to  modify the look and put that HeArt Designs spin on it.. with that QPDOLL appeal of course.

If you own a business and would like something like this (the frame will be different of course) then by all means hit me up. Prices vary with size and your particulars.
Here's the frame I found while antiquing with Artina Qpdoll Sharpton today. I forgot to take a picture of it before I started painting it ..and it's taped off so you can't see that it has this tan burlap material in the midsection of the frame that's currently masked off with blue painters tape

Here u can see more detail of the original frame. There were blue highlights in the frame.. i think it might have been painted some time ago

back to spray painting. Damn I'm so Hip Hop.. look at ya boy look like i'm about to Tag Up the 2 train back in the day!! 

Door sized Hinge. Only needed one.

in the meantime the frame was drying off

So now I needed to make the other side of the A-frame. So I used two spindles that I purchased from the Augusta Restore for very very very cheap.. lol.. and a 1x2" furring strip and connected them to make the back half of the A-frame. 

Making the connection with the frame. Once I got the location of the screws and everything sort of evened out. I had to take it apart because I don't want someone walking from behind this piece and seeing that it wasn't finished all the way through.
That's some slumming business.. so I have to paint the back.

So i set the other piece down

And now i'm spraying away.. Gano Grills eat ya heart out.. LOL.. spray painting master right here.. lol 

Now the paint is finished and dried. I reassembled it and now Artina Qpdoll Sharpton is doing the honors of unmasking the painters tape. (seeing as it was HER JOB to put the tape on .. i figured why not)

Another satisfied customer. 

Here it is taking a photo shoot on the lawn. LOL. 
You of course notice that there is NOTHING in the actual frame. That's because what will go in there is being printed and won't be ready until Friday morning. so I'll take a picture when it's done.

Imagine your company image in the center of this picture frame. Or even a chalk board in the center .. isn't this awesome?? 

Parting shot!!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree by the Young MOD

So i'm not just renovating and building a home here in Augusta GA. I'm also helping QPdoll build her custom Accessories business while I'm down here. 
So whenever I'm kinda stuck in terms of what I can do with the house or cash strapped.. I like to "work the land" as my bro Baruti Tucker would say. 
So this project is me making a Bracelet display rack for Artina Qpdoll Sharpton out of discarded and cut down trees and wood. It took me about 30 min to make only cause I wasn't sure how i was going to do it

So I'll spare you the gory details of how I had to rummage through a huge pile of trees and weeds that had been recently cut down between my neighbors yard and mine. Suffice to say here I am with some decent specimen cutting them to width. 

Got the length proper (kinda) 

So after making some cuts off the limbs I salvaged, I thought I detected something interesting and tried to see where it would lead me....

NO WHERE .. this looks stupid (to me at least) 

then I saw this branch and the way became clear!!

But first ... more wood... 

Log Workout / Crafting .. two fer one sorta day!!

Maybe a lil TOO big ... ya'think???

Cut the branch to length

Spade bit that's the approximate size 

Test hole in stump I didn't plan on using. (it's now being used for a different project.

Pretty snug fit!

Now to the actual base I planned to use. 


Stick in the hole.. (i'm really trying to refrain from being as raunchy as I'd like to right now... suffice to say.. the stick was thicker than the hole could handle.. and I had to .. ahem work it in) 

Now I drill a hole in the Limb

And there we have it .. the Letter T. Well yeah but also we have a really cool Accessories display. However the top Limb was too heavy and I was forced to change that to something else in order to use that base. 

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
Here is the completed project. Accessories courtesy of QPDoll Accessoires. Looks nice all staged and well lit doesn't it??

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
Another shot from another angle.. pinterest here I come!1

HeArt Designs Accessories Display Tree
One of these are definitely Pinterest worthy. please pin and share if u dig it.

Oh yeah, if you REALLY LIKED IT..and thought, "yeah I could do this myself.. but I don't feel like it.. plus this guy is cool. I'd rather buy it from him" by all means you can do that.. just leave me a comment and I'll follow up with you. I'll charge anywhere from $20 - $50 per. (the design will vary along with price) 

Thanks for checking me out!!! 

The Young Mod

Monday, September 17, 2012

Magic Show day 2

So here's the start point. This is what it looked like when I brought it. It's in bad shape.. but it looks good to me. I see the potential and I know I can get it there. 
Here's what this beautiful nightmare looked like at the home of it's owner. I love the red knobs and that sort of gun metal grey. But I doubt if it will look the same when I'm done. 

Look at the rust, look at the gunk whatever shall I do????

Tin foil rust dirt .. 

This thing looks terrible. 

SO today this (My second day of working on this project) this is what it's looking like. and u know what .. as I type this.. I'm still progressing.. so I might have ANOTHER blog update before the night is out.
Well like i told you yesterday I sprayed the top and the backsplash with a chemical that cleans up rust. And let me say.. it worked pretty good. 

I ended up taking the backsplash OFF.. and it made cleaning the stove SOOOOOO MUCH easier.  Plus i was able to get at some of the dirt i just couldn't reach.. so i gotta be careful not to loose track of how to put it all back together again. LOL 

Cleaned and Primed. Looks pretty good. Not PERFECT but considering this is NEVER going to be seen by the public beyond this blog.. I can live with it. 

Painted BLACK (a heat resistant spray paint) and the cross bar replace and the entire area waterproofed for good measure.  The gas lines ran and ready for the rest of the grill set up. 

The face plate being washed right now.

SO i started working on the GRILL side of things. Took it apart and doing some deep cleaning!! 

UGH.. gonna have to do some DEEP DEEP CLEANING.. lol

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Franklin Magic Chef" Magic Show.

The MAGIC CHEF restoration project!! 

Day 1 - Sunday, Sept 16 2012

SOOOOoOoooOO I plan on moving to Augusta, GA and I had a great idea. How about I start stock piling the things I want in my house into my 3 bedroom apartment and try to do complex restorations on my terrace as it turns from Summer to fall. 


Well actually I think it is. Here's my logic. I figure, if I spend the time I have before I am ready to move finding awesome deals and if necessary fixing things up, I could put them in storage and bring them with me down to GA when I'm ready. 
See I figure if I move down to GA and don't have some of the things I want for my home already I'll just be trying to buy up a bunch of expensive stuff.. no patience no deals no sales just $$$$$$ being spent. This way.. I can find cool deals and stuff that I can restore or just hold on to.

So.. enough about my genius.. (u can use this idea if u plan on buying a home.. just tell everyone who put u on fam!!). Let's talk about the MAGIC SHOW I have for you happening right now! 

Below.. is a Franklin Magic Chef 6 Burner Stove with 2 ovens and a Griddle. This joint is INSANE!! I found it on Craigs List and the seller was selling for $500.00. I made an offer of $300.00 and he accepted. WHAT'S UP JOHN!!!! Thanks again!!!

SO after throwing my back out trying to get it up to my apartment on the 7th floor and out on the terrace.. arrrrrrrgh.. I started to take this joint apart and get to work!! 

Now this thing has CRAZY RUST, and all sorts of GREASE and GUNK and DIRT from sitting in a garage for YEARS... oh yeah and MAAAAAD SPIDER EGGS.. yuuuck!

So welcome to the magic show... watch the magic happen. Oh.. this won't be a 1 blog thing.. cause this is going to take me some time fam.. but hey.. a good blog will leave u in suspense anyway!

Here it is.. the Franklin Magic Chef see all that rust!!??! and all that dirt.

You can see the rust.. i took the knobs off and all that so I can start taking this joker apart.

I already removed the burners and the spill guards before I took this picture so you're looking at the guts of the stove. The good thing is that Stoves aren't very complicated to fix.. it's just no joke. Gonna take a lil skill. 
So now this is after some cleaning. As you can see the dirt and the rust are almost all gone from the base plate.  The side panel is cleaned and I started to get the backsplash cleaned up as well. Also you'll notice that there is a sanded portion on the front left side. I did that to see if i could easily sand down the original paint. I'm going to repaint the stove black and keep that black and steel look going. Gotta figure out how to keep the steel showing without it rusting again. 

Still cleaning and I sanded the top to get rid of the rust spots. But some of the rust i couldn't remove with my sander .

In that spray bottle is a rust remover that I have to let sit overnight. SOooo I've got to chill till tomorrow. (Dammit) in the meantime I'll work on some of the other components and get them clean while I can.